Heroes of the Storm Objective Timer App

Download this app and significantly improve your skills!

Be ahead of your opponents and get to know when the most of the important objectives (terrors, temples, shrines, altars and chests ) spawn exactly.

Use your team’s significant advantages by getting to most map objectives effectively ahead of time!

Upgrade your intuitive gameplay and next time be 100% sure what’s going on the map!

Amazing Features

How it Works!

You will find our App really easy to understand. At first you will see our startscreen, where you will find a load of useful tips. After this you will want to continue to the map-selection.

Choose your Map

Next you want to choose the upcoming map you are about to play!

(Please note: Maps „Tomb of the spider queen“ and „Cursed Hallows“ cannot be included yet due to their highly dynamic objective timings. We are thinking about an Fix.)

Wait for the game to start

After selecting the upcoming map you want to tap „Start“ as soon as the spoken in-game countdown has ended.

You may tap everywhere on the Screen!

Timer begins

The timer starts and our audiovisual signal will inform you about the upcoming objective.

Place your Phone next to your Keyboard. You can easily track the time-progression with the rise of the red rectangle.

Objective active!

Once the timer finishes, just follow the individual instructions of each map and trigger the next objective timer by tapping your screen.


End your current match by long-clicking the screen for approximately 3 seconds.

Download the app

There more you use our app, the better your feeling for objective timings will improve and the better your strategy in real tournament or ranked play settings will progress.

Please note: This is a 100% fan-project. We have no connection with Blizzard Entertainment, Activision or any related brand, company or institution. We just love to play the game and want to share our knowledge to our community.

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us on:

Coming Soon

  • 1.1 Heroic-Cooldown-Timers
  • 1.? Background Mode
  • 1.? Second Screen Desktop App
  • 1.? Strategy Hints from the very best players around the world